Open space solution

Price from: 260$
Price from: 130$

We can calculate based on:

A specific number of people

We can place a certain number of people in a delimited space so that there is as much gap between them as possible.

Example for calculating 20 people:

Minimum distances between people

We place people in a delimited space based on the minimum distance they must have between them.

Example for calculating the spacing of at least 2 meters:

Order process

1.Upload the layout and choose the number of locations to findYou can request more than one number!
2.Wait for approvalWe need to check the files to guarantee precise results.
3.PaymentYou can pay either through a bank transfer or PayPal.
4.Receive your optimal arrangementsIt usually takes about two days to process the calculation.

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Solution detail

Upload documents for one floor plan

If you are not sure which documents to upload, you can upload up to 2 files

Keep in mind!
For the right and the best possible result, we need all possible dimensions in the floor plan and marked available space for the distribution of locations.

Select the type of calculation

Number of calculations (1)

You can request multiple calculations for one floor plan. Each calculation costs 60$ and you can choose up to 30 locations.

Calculation for:

Floor plan processing price: 200$
Price for 1 calculation: 60 $
Original price: 260 $
Discount: -130 $
Final price: 130 $

Minimum distance calculation

This method is more expensive due to its complexity and duration of calculation. In some cases, the calculation may take more than 24 hours, so we only allow one input value.

Minimum distance (in cm):
Original price: 360 $
Discount: -180 $
Final price: 180 $

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Additional informations

If you are interested in processing more floor plans, or you need to calculate space for more people, contact us.