About Spaceville

Spaceville is a startup created by founder David Kůdela with a group of passionate developers, mathematicians, and engineers. We focus on finding the optimal spacial arrangements for various customers.

Spaceville is now an affiliate of Bold Interactive s.r.o. based in Prague.

How it works

First step

The first step to get the best spatial arrangement of your auditorium or open space starts with giving us the layout of the space, with the dimensions of the available space clearly marked.
For auditoriums, the locations of the seats and the distances between them suffice.

Second step

For auditoriums, we construct a grid of available points that represent the individual seats.
For the open spaces, we generate a fine mesh that covers the delimited space.

Third step

The problem of finding the optimal arrangement is then formulated as a discrete p-dispersion problem. A decremental clustering algorithm is used to find a certified optimal arrangement, that maximizes the minimum distance between any two selected locations from the mesh or the grid.

You can find more about p-dispersion problem here.

Final step

You will receive a detailed floor plan of the optimal arrangement.